Printing desktops


Deskxistence, existence on a desktop, was initiated in May 2007 by Ottjörg A.C. as an urban project. So far 40 schools in 18 cities on five continents have participated.

In seventeen print workshops, also on five continents, two differently coloured gravure prints were created from approximately 260 desktops. Using this direct printing method even the most subtle scratches as well as the surfaces that have been rubbed smooth by the arms of the pupils are visible. Most of the desks are in use again in the schools.

Some figures: More than 500 prints on approx. 500 sqm handmade paper. More than 1000 e-mail exchanges and thousands of photos documenting the project context. Until the project is completed in July 2011 after 50 months an estimated eight more schools will have participated.

Berlin Germany (18)

Vienna Austria (6)

Sarajewo Bosnia (6)

Skopje Macedonia (6)


Istanbul Turkey (6)


Beirut Lebanon (6)


Ramallah Palestinian Area (8)

Eastern Jerusalem  (6)

Ma agan Mikael near Haifa Israel (7)


Kairo Egypt (14)


São Paolo Brazil (100) Taboaoicon19Puuta.of.Grajauicon

New York City USA (50)


Mosbach / Baden Germany (6)


Mundingen / Breisgau Germany (6)

Havanna Cuba (4)

Pelotas Brasil (4)

Beijing China (3)

Quangzhou (Kanton) China (3)

Zhongshan China (3)